For more than 34 years, Dr. Rexanne Struve has been performing caesarian section pig deliveries in a sterile environment and raising caesarian derived, colostrum deprived (CDCD) piglets negative to most swine pathogens.

Currently the only commercial Lab in the USA raising CDCD pigs, Struve Labs International is a respected leader in the swine industry working with biological and pharmaceutical companies and researchers across the country.

Within a specially designed surgical suite at Dr. Struve’s Veterinary Hospital, CDCD piglets are delivered for Struve Labs International clients.

The piglets are transported under sterile conditions to the laboratory where they are housed in isolettes for 7 to 10 days. They are then moved into brooder rooms and grouped according to size and vigor for optimum growth. Pigs usually remain in the lab for 5 to 8 weeks, or according to project protocol.