Struve Labs International partners with national biological and pharmaceutical firms, providing innovative swine solutions.

Raising Swine Standards

Historically, 75% livability is the norm for CDCD lab, but for the past nine years Struve Labs International has maintained an impressive 94-96% survival rate. Struve Labs International is capable of raising pigs to create the nucleus for a xenotransplant herd. Because of recent developments in the field of xenotransplantation, these pigs are critical to the industry and represent a source of lifesaving organs for humans. Struve Labs International has proven to have the experience and ability to raise a large percentage of CDCD pigs, and we are poised to develop this market.

Struve Labs International has been pioneering and engineering our services to be a leading provider and trusted partner in raising CDCD pigs for almost any project. We have positioned ourselves as an innovative company with the technology to provide creative solutions for biological companies and research programs.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our expertise in CDCD pigs. We are thrilled to announce that our suite of services and the high standards you have come to rely on now encompass conventional swine as well. This expansion in our offerings signifies a significant milestone in our journey to provide comprehensive solutions to the swine industry.

We are excited to bring the same level of dedication and quality that has become synonymous with our name to the realm of conventional swine, making us your go-to partner for all your swine-related needs.

Pig Survival Rate

Raising CDCD pigs negative to:

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