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“Working with Struve Labs International has been critical to the ability of Prosetta Antiviral to advance a new approach to drug discovery. By merging our concepts and tools with their state-of-the-art veterinary services, we have made important progress—indeed, far more than I think would have been likely with any other source of veterinary services. Their knowledge, dedication to the goals of the experiments, and willingness to go above and beyond what is provided by most contract research services organizations have been quite remarkable. We owe them a deep debt of gratitude and view our success, in no small measure, as being due to their skills and adaptability.”

Vishwanath R. Lingappa, M.D.,
Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer and Co-CEO
Prosetta Antiviral, Inc.

“We have used CDCD pigs from Struve Labs International for over eleven years and have been very happy with the pigs we have received. They are viable animals and work well for our testing procedures.”

Dr. Fred Sick

“The diagnostic virology section of the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (KSVDL) is both a diagnostic and research laboratory. From a diagnostic perspective, we often see new and/or emerging viral diseases associated with our diagnostic submissions. From a research perspective, we have the opportunity to investigate these unique viral pathogens. One of the first things we try to do when investigating a new disease syndrome is to generate a pure stock of virus in the host animal. Most of the emerging/re-emerging diseases that we see at KSVDL originate from pigs. We are very fortunate to have a clean source of research animals to generate pure stocks of virus in-CDCD pigs from Struve Labs International. Over the last few years, Struve Labs International has supplied us with CDCD pigs to prepare challenge stocks of virus for the epidemic strain of PCV2B in 2006, a new emerging strain of PCV2B in 2012, pandemic H1N1 influenza, torque teno virus (types 1 and 2), and groups A, B, and C rotaviruses. These challenge stocks are critical tools that we use to define pathogenesis, prepare diagnostic reagents, and develop vaccines for the future. We consider Struve Labs International a partner in our diagnostic research program, and they go out of their way to supply us with quality CDCD
pigs whenever we need them.”

Dick Hesse, Ph.D.,
Director of Diagnostic Virology Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory